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Katko Tapio S.
Water! Evolution of Water Supply and Sanitation in Finland from the mid - 1800s to 2000, 1997

WATER! describes the evolution of urban and rural water supply and sanitation in Finland from the mid- 1800s until today. The book also deals with water administration and legislation, water sector education and research, sectoral enterprises and international cooperation. Water supply and sanitation provides a basis for community and economic development. These services were created by demand that crystallized into the words: thirst, fire, productive activity and hygiene. At the same time water and sewage services in Finland have been, and still are, forerunners of environmental protection, and represent a high international level. The summarized English version of the original book of about 400 pages includes about 50 photos and illustrations, and several interviews and stories from various parts of the country.

Published 1997.

Pages: 102
Language: englanti
Publisher: Vesi- ja viemärilaitosyhdistys

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